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On average, 58% of women need 8 minutes of intercourse to achieve orgasm, 35 % required 12 minutes. .

Mix 50 ml of beetroot juice (after squeezing let stand four hours), 2 tbsp of Cahors, 0, 5 tbsp.


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Need to increase the potency a man must set himself to following medical procedures, pass which is absolutely fine on the road to recovery: ultrasonic method is used to evaluate blood flow in the corpora cavernosa of the penis, determine the amount of venous drainage, signs of atherosclerosis, and scarring or calcification of erectile tissue; to monitor the expansion of blood vessels and measuring blood pressure in the blood vessels of the penis; comparisons are indicators ultrasound erect member in and neeregirovannom condition; testing innervation of the penis - testing bulbocavernosus reflex to determine the functional state of the nerves of the penis, is to press on the head of the penis, which normally should immediately cause a reduction in the anus and therefore measured the latency of this reflex, is monitored by the reduction of the anal sphincter or palpation of his finger; testing may be supplemented by special tests that verify nerve function; techniques that allow to register nocturnal erections - for example, attach to a member of the special night of sensors in healthy men during the night, especially during paradoxical sleep erection occurs up to 5-6 times; biothesiometry penis - is estimated by the vibration the sensitivity of the penis and its innervation; reduced sensitivity to vibration may indicate violations inervatsii, as a consequence of diabetes, neuropathy or aging, and increased sensitivity is often the cause of early ejaculation in teenagers.

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Eat this jam, and the usual - tea with a bit of sugar. Cooked strain the broth through a sieve and pour into a glass jar. For example, because some of the new antidepressants work differently than traditional drugs, they may not affect sexual function. Increasing sexual potency, and penis enlargement – this question bothers many men. Zydena - active substance udenafil, affects the body within 24 hours; the recommended dose for most adult patients is 100 mg.

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Often, the disorder of sexual function is valued fairly as physicians, not as an independent disease, but as a concomitant to another, for example, diabetes. Really sharpens the senses! There are numerous tips about how to enhance people's potency methods. To do this, take 2 tbsp of rhizome ordinary, 2 tbsp herb Potentilla anserina, 1 tbsp marigold flowers, 1H.l.of nettle leaves and 1 tsp of the herb common Rue. Norma Day – half Cup. The second exercise Standing in the Nude (exercise requires solitude and following), to make quick and sudden movements of the pelvis forward and back, swinging his dick like a pendulum.

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This seasoning you can add to meat dishes or fish, Also. To do this, take 2 tbsp of rhizome ordinary, 2 tbsp herb Potentilla anserina, 1 tbsp marigold flowers, 1H.l.of nettle leaves and 1 tsp of the herb common Rue.
Chop the lovage root, measure 1 and. Patients lost libido, agitation, disturbed erection and ejaculation (ejaculation).